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Orkut is the Social Networking website of the Google, which was started in the 2004 by a Google employee named Orkut as his Google Inhouse project. Later the Orkut platform become very popular in the Brasil and India.
Orkut wast later rolled out in the localized version of India and Brasil for Indian and Brazilian fnas and still the Orkut.com, Orkut.co.in and Orkut.com.br are among the world top 150 websites according to Alexa Website rankings.
If you are searching for the Orkut Scraps / Orkut Wishes / Orkut Login / Orkut Images then you can find these in this post below for using in the your popular social networking platform.
www.orkut.org.in is a popular unofficial website for the Orkut fans to find the Orkut scraps specially in below given categories:
In the above given websites you can find the scraps / images or messages as given below.
Happy Birthday scrap
Good morning scraps
Friendship scraps
Baby scraps
Wish hello scraps
English Comments
Orkut english scrap
Popular orkut Scraps
Cat Dance
Orkut scraps In ur Mail
Blessings Scraps
World Cup
Birthday Messages
Welcome Creator
Belated Birthday Scraps
For Latest Orkut Scraps you can visit the above given Orkut related websites offering Orkut Scraps and Messages.

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