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China EMS TrackingChina EMS Tracking Service

EMS China is the state owned express mail service provider. EMS China is the also known as the China Courier Service Corporation / CCSC is the wholly China State owned company which operates and deliver EMS service in China and other parts of the world. EMS China service is available to thousands of domestic service points in China as well as to anywhere in the world.

EMS China Service has seen the growth since its inception in 1980. China Courier Service Corporation / EMS China is among the world most reputed Courier service.

EMS in 1980 became the first EMS service provider from China. while domestic EMS in China was started in the 1984. In the China Courier Service Corporation EMS Tracking was started in the 1994. China Post Freight Airline was built in 2001.

Many other international EMS service was offered by the EMS China in the recent years. Now the EMS China is having their international promise service for Outbound EMS items to US, HK, Korea, Japan, Australia etc.

EMS China is having their online EMS Tracking through Tracking number and EMS Tracking via SMS which is known as the SMS Tracking.

Now, China EMS has its service to 200 countries around the world along with more than 2000 domestic cities in the China. China Courier Service Corporation is having more than 15000 vehicle force and also more than 20000 professional work force.

EMS China is having their more than 300 EMS information centres all over China.

Those who want to avail the China EMS Tracking system through online tracking or SMS Tracking can visit the below given website link:

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